Bolivian Andes Mountaineering

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Start of travels:Jun 26, 2015
End of travels:Jul 05, 2015
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Mountaineering in the Bolivian Andes - Cordillera Real range, with Mike Chen. We attempted Mount Illimani (21,126 ft elevation, 4 days) and Pequeno Alpamayo (17,618 ft elevation, 2 days). The highest elevation we reached was ~18,900 ft. We hired Climbing South America from La Paz, Bolivia to support our expeditions with mountain guide, jeep & driver, camp cook, porters on Mount Illimani, and burro transport on Pequeno Alpamayo.

Photo album including Mike's GoPro video:


- 4 and 2 weeks before the trip, we hiked to 12000 and 13000 feet in California's Sierra Nevada: New Army Pass, Mount Tyndall

- Purchased gear including heavy-duty clothing & accessories for extreme cold, expedition sunglasses, thermal water bottles, medicine for altitude sickness


- Mike reached 17,618 feet summit of Pequeno Alpamayo, I got sick and had to skip

- Both of us made it to the high camp on Mount Illimani (18,200 feet), then climbed to about 18,900 feet on the snow ridge leading to the summit before turning around

- Reason of failed attempts: lack of acclimatization, lack of crampon practice, aerobic fitness

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